In this lesson, you will learn how to:
- What are title tags and meta descriptions
- How can they help your SEO
- Strategies to writing title tags and meta descriptions

A huge leg up we give you here at Bigcommerce is that we allow for you to customize what are known as title tags and meta descriptions for each of your website’s pages.
In short, every time you use a search engine you are looking at a series of title tags and meta descriptions. These help searchers better understand what to expect out of a website before clicking through.
It’s kind of like being in a library or an airport and trying to pick a book off a cram packed shelf. By displaying powerful and descriptive information, you take the opportunity to set yourself apart from all the other options out there. You are helping shoppers a pick YOU rather than one of those other choices they are being given.
So, let’s hop in the control panel as we explain how to complete these fields effectively, where they live, and give you some bonus stuff to boot!
The first place you can complete these fields is under Set Up & Tools > Store Settings.
Once you scroll down you will see an entire section titled “Search Engine Optimization.”
It is here that you can complete the title tag and meta description for your website’s homepage.
Again, a title tag is kindof like the title of a book. It is the link to your page from a search engine so naturally, we want to make it pretty enticing AND accurate!
First tip is to try to place your keywords towards the front as the most important and descriptive words should always go first. You can place your business name at the end.
Both users and search engines will thank you for this!
Second, you only need around 65 characters. Length doesn’t impact your ranking but it helps keep things super user friendly and prevent any information from being cropped
on the results page. In short, it just looks and feels more professional.
Pay no mind to this meta keywords field as it’s not relevant. This is something that doesn’t help users so search engines don’t pay it much mind.
Now, a meta description is what tends to seal the deal. It’s similar to finding a cool title, but then turning the book over and reading the back or perhaps the inside cover.
That’s what sends you over the edge!
First, tell them to shop or buy now. This let’s shoppers know they are about to enter an online store rather than an entertainment or research website.
Then, of course, weight those keywords towards the front.
And finally, share some of the advantages of shopping with you rather than those other websites bring displayed. If you have got it, flaunt it here! This could be that you have been a family owned business since 1872, or offer free shipping, anything really! The point is: let them know!
Last but not least, keep your descriptions around 160 characters.
And that’s pretty much it!
Over time, you will want to chip away at these fields for all of your webpages. Start with at least your homepage and top 10 products first. Then, make a schedule and keep with it! Your efforts here will help to create a great user experience and in turn generate profitable traffic to your store.
When you are ready, go ahead to our support portal at
Search for “What are page titles and meta descriptions”. Here you can find detailed information on the specific locations for all of your title tags and meta descriptions within your Bigcommerce control panel.
You will also find even more tips to help you rank better so you can win the hearts of your customers.