In this lesson, you will learn about:
- Real time shipping quotes during checkout
- How to set up USPS by Endicia
- How to produce test USPS quotes
- How to configure FedEx shipping quotes
- Where to find UPS shipping integration

Shipping Real Time Transcript
This video will discuss how to create Real Time Quotes for your customers. Real time Quoting means another application creates the charges, so you don’t have to set them.
These shipping charges are dynamically calculated from:
the ship-from location the weight and physical dimensions of the customer’s order and the shipping destination.
This takes all the guesswork out of charging for shipping. Let’s take a look inside the control panel.
The very first thing you want to do is make sure we have Physical dimensions on all of our products. You can find this setting within each Product’s edit page. If you have a lot of products you may want to Export your Products, edit the CSV document and reimport, but we’ll cover this operation in another BCU lesson.
To set up our Real time shipping quotes let’s go to our Shipping Manager in the Control Panel. Within the Shipping Manager store owners have the flexibility of setting up different real time quotes per shipping zone. This is a great feature because it gives the ability to offer different shipping methods in different zones. For example, you can offer USPS in the United States, but then we can offer FedEX to Canada, but remember you don’t need multiple zones.
Let’s click into one of your zones to see the Real Time Quote options. Bigcommerce partners with several shipping apps that can provide Real Time Quotes. In the U.S. we integrate with FedEX, UPS and Endicia. Internationally Bigcommerce offers Royal Mail, Canada Post and Australia Post. Endicia produces all the United States Postal Service quotes for Bigcommerce. They offer discounted rates for their Endicia Premium users, which is worth looking into! Let’s see just how easy it is to setup USPS by Endicia to provide our customers with USPS quotes during checkout. Click “Connect” to get started.
First, we’ll need to create an account at Endicia. Click “Sign Up” and you’ll be redirected to They’ll provide an account number and a passphrase. When you return, or if you already have an Endicia account number and passphrase, click the Connect button and enter your credentials. Before you “Save” you’ll have to enter choose your options within the Settings tab. This page allows us to select what USPS delivery options we want to offer our customers.
First, we’ll select which Delivery services we want to offer. Remember, just because you select First-Class, your customers will only be presented with First-Class rates if their order meets First-Class requirements. Also, make sure you set Physical Dimensions on all of your products to be sure all possible shipping options display to your customers.
Next we’ll select Packaging type. This is based on the box you plan on shipping with.
If you’re using USPS flat rate boxes for all of your orders, then select it here, however if you’re using your own packaging I would select Parcel. Click Save and you’re successfully providing USPS quotes to your customers. Now there’s two items I want to point out before we move on. Open your Endicia settings again by clicking “Edit”.
Across the top of our window we see a few more tabs we didn’t have earlier. The “Get a Quote” area is a great place to test out your USPS by Endicia options. I’ll pretend
I’m shipping to South Dakota with a 10lb package that measures twelve by twelve by twelve. Now hit the Get Quote button at the top. Notice you do not see First-Class
as a result. First class is only applicable at USPS if your shipment weighs less than 13 ounces.
The next tab “Postage Balance” allows you to review and add to your endicia balance.
This is invaluable for printing labels for each order right from the control panel. Let’s Save our Endicia settings, and go back out to our Shipping Charges.
We can certainly have more than one shipping option for our customers in this zone.
Let’s add FedEx to our charges as well. Click the “Connect” button next to FedEx. Upon first connection we need to enter our FedEx account details. These fields are in the
“Connection” tab, here. If you don’t have a FedEx account go to the Help and Support tab and follow the link to a great Knowledge Base article that will show you how to
Once your account details are entered you can go back to the “Settings” tab just like Endicia. This allows you to choose FedEx services and settings for your store. Drop off type is how you’ll get your package to FedEx. You can schedule a daily pickup from FedEx, but if you’re just starting out your business you’ll probably be dropping off at a FedEx location when you have a shipment. FedEx also asks for packaging type.
If you’re shipping in your own box you’ll select “Your Packaging”. For Rate type, you should select Account Rate. It’s possible to get negotiated rates with FedEx. If you choose”Account Rate”, these negotiated rates will be used. Destination type should be set to Residential unless you’re only selling to commercial properties. “Commercial” rates will quote and charge customers less, but if the package is actually shipped to a residential address then you’re going to be charged the higher rate by your shipper.
Leave this on Residential to be more accurate in your shipping charges. Now we can select Delivery Services we want to offer. There’s a few things to think about here. Are you realistically going to be able to get your products out for Overnight delivery? There are often stipulations about drop off time for these orders. Unless you have a daily FedEx pickup at your location, I would start off with FedEx Home Delivery, here. Once you get experienced with shipping then feel free to add FedEx 2 Day and possibly Overnight to your options. FedEx Ground is shipping to commercial addresses while Home Delivery caters to residential addresses.
Now, if you’re just adding these charges for the United States, or your home country, you will not need International options. However if you are setting up FedEx for a foreign country’s zone, we’d definitely want to add the International options to our Shipping Charges. Let’s click Save and our store should now be populating both FedEx and USPS quotes for our customers. If you’d like to add UPS shipping quotes on your checkout, the setup is very similar to USPS and FedEx. Just follow these simple instructions through the Connect button. Now, let’s go take a look at our checkout.
So I’ve already entered a few items into my cart for my Great Aunt Myrtle in Chicopee, Massachusetts. I’ll choose to ship to her address. Now I’m presented with all the different Shipping Charges I created for my United States Zone. If you need to edit any of these rates, just go back into your Shipping Manager and edit the Charges for this zone.