In this lesson, you will learn about:
- How Product Rules can help your store
- Where to create Product Rules
- How to make a price change rule
- How to create an image change rule
- Using Option Set Rules to help you bulk adjust options

Sometimes, added Options on your products may cost more than the standard model of that product. Or you might sell versions of a product that come in Metal or Glass instead of Wood or Plastic; these options may weigh more than the standard model.
And when a customer selects an Option on your product, you may want the image to change to depict that variation of your product. All of these things can be done using “Product Rules”. They’re really easy to setup. To learn how, just follow this quick tutorial.
Let’s go to Products...and then click View. You’ll want to click the title of the product you need to make rules for. Once inside the product select the Options tab at the top.
Click the “Rules” button on the left side of the Options page. Click “Create a Rule”. This brings up a pop up window. If I’ve already created SKUs for each Option Combination then I can use these SKUs to create Rules. Or I can make Rules by Option, down below.
This can be helpful if you wish to apply the same rule to one option, and not to one SKU at a time. I’ll use this approach because it makes sense for my product. I’ll open the Size options by clicking the plus sign. I see the options on this product: 2 ounce 4 ounce and 8 ounce. Now, I’ll need to take into consideration what price I listed on this product. Was it for the 2oz. size? the 4oz. size or the 8oz. size? In this case my price of $6 dollars was for the 2oz. size. What I’d like to accomplish is that if someone selects the 4oz. option the price will raise to $10 dollars. To do that, I will check off the 4oz. box. Now, I go below and select “Adjust its price”. A few options appear. I can decide to add, remove or set a Fixed price when the 4 ounce option is chosen. I could put a $10 Fixed Rate, but I’ll choose to Add $4 to my default price of $6. This will equal $10 for a 4 ounce jar of jam. Type “4” in the number field. I’ll leave this last setting on “Price”. You can choose to add a “percentage” to the price for this option, if it makes sense to your product. Click Save and Close, and let’s do the same thing for my 8oz. option.
Click “Create a Rule”, then click the plus sign next to Size again. This time I’ll select 8oz. Now tick off “Adjust its price”. If I want to charge $16 for my 8oz. jar I can add $10 to my base price of $6, or let me show you how Fixed Price works just the same. I’ll choose the “Fixed Price” option from the drop down, and I’ll type in $16 dollars. Click Save and Close, and let’s check out my product on the storefront. There is a link right at the top of the product page after you save, that you can use to go to the product on your storefront.
So right now it shows $6. This is for the 2oz version of my product. Let’s click the 4oz. option. I see the price change to $10. If I click the 8oz. option...I see my price go up to $16. Perfect. But what if you want your image to change when an option is chosen?
What if a product comes in different colors? It’s very helpful to your customers to show the product in the selected color. This will help boost conversions on that product.
This is known as an “image change rule” and is done in the same place. Let’s go into a product where you want to change the image based on an option. I’ll choose this T-shirt. Go to Options and then select the Rules tab. I will “Create a Rule” and open up the Color option by clicking the plus sign. The main product image I uploaded when I created this product is the navy blue shirt. So I need the image to change if a customer chooses Bigcommerce Blue. I will select that color, and then move below and select “Show a different image”. I will have to upload the file from my machine.
Once that is complete click Save and Close. I will do it for the Grey version of my t-shirt as well. Then the image will change whenever a customer selects the Blue or Grey.
Let’s check it out on our store front. What many store owners soon realize is they need the same rule, or rules, applied to an entire product line. This is best done through Option Set Rules. For example: Let’s say my Extra Large shirts cost more from my manufacturer, and I want to pass that cost on to my customers. If you’ve applied the same Option Set to 50 different T-Shirts you can create one Option Set rule instead of creating 50 separate product rules.
Just remember the products must have the same Option Set. Watch how easy it is to create. Let’s go to Products and then Product Options. Click on the Option Sets tab to the right of the Options Tab. Find and click the Option Set that you want to create a global rule for. I will select my T-shirt Set: BC TShirt - Small through Extra Large, here. On the right I click the Action Wheel and select “Edit Rules”. Click the “Create a Rule” link on the top left. This should bring up a popup window. I want to make any Extra Large shirts cost two dollars more than the original price. To do this I will click the plus sign next to the Size option, and check off the extra large box. Then below I select “Adjust its Price”. Just like the product rule settings, I will select ‘Add’ from the drop down menu, and then type in 2 in the number field. So this means if Extra large is selected, 2 dollars will be added to the base price of any product that this Option Set has been applied to. Let me test this out on my storefront. I’ll click Extra Large, and I should see my price go up two dollars. Success! You’ve just created an Option Set Rule. Keep in mind your Option Set Rules can operate alongside Product Rules.