In this lesson, you will learn how to:
- Register your Paypal powered by Braintree account
- Find more payment methods inside your control panel
- Use your test gateway to test your checkout process

Katey: One of the biggest reasons for starting an online store is to make money, right? Well, selecting a payment gateway or gateways is - the step. A payment gateway is the method in which you collect payment from your customers. Here at Bigcommerce, getting started or making changes to your store’s payment gateway offerings couldn’t be easier. Plus, we have plenty of options for you to chose from. We want for you to be able to make the best decision for your customers which, in turn, will be the best decision for your business’s bottom line.
So, let’s get started, shall we?
Once you’re in your store’s control panel, head to Settings > and select Payments. Now, the smartest and fastest way to accept payments on your Bigcommerce store is with PayPal powered by Braintree. To avoid missing any sales Bigcommerce may have already turned on your Braintree gateway. This way you’re immediately ready to start accepting payments by credit card AND through Paypal. If you get an order before fully setting up your Paypal by Braintree account, they simply hold your money until you create an account and withdraw it to your bank account.
If you didn’t know, giving shoppers payment options is a great conversion tool. Obviously, accepting credit cards is quite popular in ecommerce, BUT by also offering Paypal, shoppers can purchase with just a few quick clicks. As you can imagine, this is BIG for mobile shoppers.
A traditional checkout experience requires quite a few fields, but with Paypal, they can log in and check out without having to type out loads of information without a keyboard.
As an added bonus, Paypal powered by Braintree also makes it incredibly simple for Bigcommerce store owners to manage customer payments.
So, although you’ll be able to take payment on you store immediately, you will have to complete your registration.
Head into the “Paypal powered by Braintree Settings” - and then connect to Braintree.
Register an account at Braintree so you can transfer your store’s money into your own bank account.
However, if you’re looking for a different payment gateway option we’ve got plenty. Head back to your Payments page in your Control Panel. Scroll down and click the first panel:
Offline Payment Methods. These are manual payment methods - items like Cash on Delivery or Pay in Store. These will not ask your customer for a credit card during checkout.
If you already use a different payment gateway you can look for it in the next section “Other Online Payment Methods”. Just click Setup, next to your preferred gateway, and follow their instructions.
If you’d like to learn more about payment gateways check out our Payments article at, but again Paypal powered by Braintree will securely get you up
and selling FAST, with little-to-no effort.
Now, below, Bigcommerce has a built-in Test Payment Gateway. It’s riiight, here. By using this test payment gateway you’ll be able to run a test order through the front end of your business
as if you were a customer. This will help you safely spot check things like...
...what the checkout flow looks and feels like to a customer...
...whether or not your shipping is set up properly...
...what will an Order actually look like in your Control Panel… well as give you the opportunity to view aaall the information that is provided about your
...even simple things like what your emails actually look like when they’re sent out to your
You can test all these things with the Test Gateway. It’s a great feature - USE IT!
Ok, great, you’re feeling good and confident that you’ve got your store settings tweaked and tightened through that test gateway.
If you’re using a gateway other than Paypal powered by Braintree check to make sure your payment gateway is Live and not still in “Test Mode”. Some gateways may default to “Test
Mode” when you set them up.
Well, excellent! You’re ready to start accepting payment for your product or service. Congrats!
If you have questions, remember we’re always here to help!