Order Management
In this lesson, you will learn how to:
- View your orders as they come in and adjust their order status
- Print Shipping labels using USPS by Endicia
- Find and print a packing slip to insert into your packages

Congratulations on launching your Bigcommerce store. It’s a big deal, so don’t forget to celebrate at least a little bit. However, let’s keep keep right on rolling and show you how to manage the backend of your business. This video will include topics like taking orders, communicating to customers, shipping your products and much more. Let’s get going!
First thing to know is you’re already set up to receive email alerts when an order is placed. The email address you provided when you created your store will be where you’ll see those order alerts coming in. If you want to change your email address for some reason, just go to settings and select “Order Notifications.” Check that “Email
Message” is selected. Then, you’ll see a new tab entitled “Email Message”. Feel free to change it to whatever address you’d like and save.
Ok, great. Now let’s get familiar with that Orders Page since you’ll likely find yourself here quite a bit managing the back end of your business. To get to your orders, click “Orders” and then “View.” The first thing you’ll notice are the tabs across the top. This is a quick and easy way to find orders you’re looking for. You also have the ability to search your orders with “Filter by Keyword” field.It may also be helpful to sort your orders based on “Status.” This will help you organize As you can see, we have 3 ways to sort or find orders. We love providing options here at Bigcommerce as everyone functions differently.
Now, while we’re talking about order status, note, that as you change the order’s status with this drop down menu, Bigcommerce automatically generates an email to your customer. This email alerts the customer that their order has changed status. If you want to adjust this email communication, feel free to go to your Settings menu and click “Checkout” under the “Advanced Settings”. You’ll be able to pick and choose which order status updates you’d like to email clients about, and which you’d prefer to shut off. In short, strive to stick to what’s most relevant for your specific business. Ok, back out to our “View Orders” page.
These icons here will tell you how an order was placed. If you hover over these icons you will see things like “Storefront,” “Ebay,” “Mobile Device,” or even “Manual Order.” A manual order means you created the order within your control panel.
Also, once you setup your Facebook SocialShop you’ll even see orders made through Facebook! Also, note this order ID number column which will keep you keep track of your orders and better communicate with your customers.
Let’s check out this awesome expand function. This handy tool will be your best friend as it will reveal all the necessary details about this specific order. You’ll find all kinds of great details like shipping address, payment method, contact email, and most importantly what’s in the order.
To the far right, you’ll find “Actions” for this particular order. You’ll have all kinds of options like “Edit Order” or “Print Invoice” or “Print Packing Slip” just to name a few. A packing slip will not only list the items in your customer’s order, but also lists which “bin” you’ve stored your product in. Bin picking numbers make it much easier for you to organize your stored inventory, so the item can be grabbed, packed and shipped - fast!
From here, if you’re shipping your products yourself, have plenty of boxes on hand to fulfill all of your orders in a timely fashion. If you ask your local US Postal, Fedex or UPS carrier for boxes, they will often deliver them right to your door!
Naturally, you’ll want to secure and pack your products appropriately with plenty of protection. Then, you can print and insert your packing slip. This will allow for your customer to have documentation of their order and also makes you look more professional. From there, don’t be afraid to add some branding, personalization, marketing or cleverness onto your packaging. Including these assets can go a very long way in crafting a relationship with a customer or even encouraging them to do things like share their purchase on social media which hopefully will help you generate more sales.
First, decide how you’d like to ship. This drop down menu will list all the options Endicia offers for label printing. When you select different USPS delivery options your price will adjust. Whatever delivery method you choose, once you click “Create shipment, Proceed to Print” you will have created the label for that order, so be sure you have the options you like before proceeding.
Unless of course, you decide to use FedEx or UPS at the bottom of the drop down menu. Bigcommerce does not inherently provide label printing for these services, although many different apps in our marketplace will do this for you.
But I’ll choose the delivery method that make the most sense for this order, so Endicia can prepare an accurate label for the package.
Another cool Endicia feature is the ability to purchase Signature Confirmation. This means your package will not be delivered unless signed for, by a recipient at the intended address. This costs extra to you, the shipper, but it ensures delivery to the customer.
You also have a few packaging options that you can edit prior to purchasing and print your label. You can edit items like Quantity of items in the order, package weight, and the dimensions of the package.
Last, you can add notes to your order here which are entered onto this order’s packing slip. It’s a great opportunity to add details or include some personalization, before printing and including the packing slip into your customer’s package.
We’ve chosen a USPS by Endicia option from the drop down menu so this package’s tracking number will be generated for us when we print our label in the next few steps.
However, if you’ve selected a different provider for shipping, you’ll need to enter the tracking ID manually into this field, if you’re providing one. It’s certainly not mandatory, but it’s a really nice touch to allow your customers to track their shipment. But with Endicia you don’t even have to think about it. It’ll be generated and sent to your customer automatically. :)
If you’d like you can provide a “Shipping Method Description” for your customers, but the default is usually appropriate.
From here, go ahead and “Create shipment, Proceed to Print”.
Now if you’d like to use another provider like UPS or Fedex, our app store, located here, in your control panel, offers lots of solutions for managing your postage and label needs. Once we get to this page, we can not edit any details attached to this label. If we need to make adjustments to anything we would have to create a new order, or go into our Endicia dashboard and print a new label. At this point, I still have not been charged by Endicia. Until we click “print,” we will not be charged.
Also, if you happened to need a new packing slip or just wanted to print both of these assets at the same time, we can do that right here.
Let’s keep rolling with this example by simply printing our packaging label. I’m going to choose the 4 by 6 label, which is designed for a thermal printer. If you’re just printing onto regular copy paper, and then taping to your package you should choose the 8 by 5 option. Now, we’re presented with a separate window where we can print. In time, you may want to consider purchasing what’s known as a “thermal printer.” This type of printer creates labels right onto a sticker - NO tape necessary!
Now, for for those of you not using USPS powered by Endicia we’ll head back to the “View Orders” section of your control panel. It’s here you’ll want to copy the customer’s shipping address. We’ve provided this nifty “Copy” button to easily copy the Shipping address and paste it into your label printing software. Now, if you’re looking for more shipping functionality, don’t forget to check out those shipping apps like Shipping Easy, Order Cup or Shipstation.
You’ll just want to install the app of your choice and head back to your View Orders page. Click the “Ship Items” button, but this time you will manually enter the tracking number from the label you printed out in your app.
Now, no matter what method of shipment you have chosen for your order, once you hit “Create Shipment” the order status will change to “Shipped.” This will generate that email notification we discussed earlier updating your customer on their order status. If you’ve added a tracking number to the shipment it will be included in the email allowing the customer to track their package.
Pretty slick right? Order fulfilment is pretty darn important to store owners, and as we well know here at Bigcommerce, every business has different needs.
Although we used Endicia as an example for this video, there are many other options for you to chose from - it’s entirely up to you.tv