In this lesson, you will learn how to:
- Launch your store to make it live to the world
- Discover some new navigation items to help you market your store
- Learn about the App Marketplace to enable future growth

Katey: So, you’ve been getting ready to start accepting and fulfilling orders which means it’s likely you’re ready to launch your Bigcommerce business! Very exciting!
James: Yep! Katey and I are going to show you how to officially launch your store from inside of your control panel. Now, launching your business doesn’t mean you should
start shopping for your yacht just yet.
Katey: ...absolutely! There will always be adjustments to be made as you learn more about your target audience, industry and your business’s overall performance. Plus, if you’re not sure you’ve crossed all those “t”s and dotted your “i”s you can always go back and watch our Bigcommerce University videos, search for tutorials in our Support Portal or chat with clients and staff in our Community.
James: Right, but if you’re ready - right now - let’s hop into your control panel and launch your Bigcommerce store. Then, we’ll talk about additional features, functionality and resources to help you start driving traffic to your site.
Katey: Once logged into your control panel as the store owner, scroll down to the bottom of your Getting Started Dashboard and click “Launch Store.” Yep, it’s that easy.
You’ve made your store visible to your shoppers.
James: If for any reason you want to hide your store from shoppers you’re welcome to put your store “down for maintenance” by going to Store Settings and toggling this switch. Remember, putting your store down for maintenance means you cannot sell, and no one can browse your store. So we recommend using this feature sparingly.
Katey: Now, launching your store is the equivalent of opening the doors of a physical business. The inside looks great, your products are organized, perhaps you have a few sales up your sleeve already, but traffic isn’t just going to appear. You need to think about marketing your business.
James: You have tons of functionality at your fingertips. Depending on your Bigcommerce plan, some features may not be available to you, but as your traffic grows, and you need more features, you can choose when you’re ready to take the next step to grow your business.
Katey: To start, you’ll see some additional features within your navigation. In the upcoming Bigcommerce University videos, we’ll talk about things like: managing your customers and creating customer groups, creating additional content pages like an About Us page, creating a shipping and returns policy and even blogging on a regular basis to improve your search engine ranking.
James: You’ll also have access to a boat load of marketing tools like: banners, so you can make announcements on your store-front, abandoned cart notifications to help you recover sales, email marketing and even gift cards and coupons to name a few.
Katey: And we’ll even show you how to track it all with our robust collection of reports under Analytics. We all know anything worth doing in business is worth tracking!
James: But, let’s take a moment to talk about our robust Apps and Themes Marketplace. This will be an important area for you as a Bigcommerce store owner. As we’ve mentioned throughout Bigcommerce University, every business is different. That’s why we’ve invited 3rd party developers to create specialized applications to enhance your store’s functionality for your specific business. Apps can help you save time, money and rapidly grow your business.
Katey: Our App Store can be sorted many different ways to help you find the perfect app to compliment your business, and help it grow. Not only can you sort by category, you can sort by free or paid to make sure the app meets your budget. You’re also able to sort by what’s most popular, or what has most recently been added.
James: and lastly you can look for apps that came highly recommended, or maybe have helped your ecommerce business in the past.
Katey: Yep, we have so many cool things to help you be successful. However, in the next 30 days we recommend focusing on the remaining videos of Bigcommerce University as we’ll show the ins-and outs of the platform and how to attract shoppers and turn them into loyal customers for life!