In this lesson, you will learn about:
- How to create a Google Analytics account
- How to get your tracking script from Google Analyticsv
- Connecting your Google Analytics account to your Bigcommerce store

In this video we’re going to show you how to create a free Google Analytics account, and then integrate it into your Bigcommerce store. Google analytics is a powerful data system, which allows you to track your store’s daily traffic, watch trends, and predict usage. Recording this data will help you plan more effective marketing strategies as you grow your business.
The first thing we’ll want to do is travel to Google Analytics. Go to or just do a Google Search for analytics.
If you’re already logged in to your Google account you should see “Access Google Analytics” on the top right. click that...or you’ll see ‘sign in’ or ‘create an account’ on the top right. By now hopefully you’ve created a google account, but if not, now is a good time.
If you’re creating a brand new account make sure you verify your new google account and then get back to the analytics page. Click on Access Google Analytics then click Sign Up. This should bring you to a New Account page.
First choose “Website” as the type of item to track. Then you may choose which Features you want. Either the Universal Analytics or you can remain in the Classic mode. Both work, but Universal may better prepare your store for any updated versions of Bigcommerce and Google Analytics, moving forward.
Fill in these fields for Account Name, website name and Website URL and then choose which industry best represents you. Many ecommerce stores pick Shopping if they can’t find the perfect category. Select your timezone and we’re all set.
It’s not a bad idea to leave these options at the bottom checked off. They can prove useful in the future.
On the next page we’ll be presented with our “tracking code”. When we plug this into our Bigcommerce control panel, it connects our website with the Google Analytics dashboard.
Let’s head back to our bigcommerce control panel.
Click the Setup and Tools link in the top right, and select Web Analytics under Setup Your Store.
You will have to check off the box next to Google Analytics and then click save in the bottom right.
This will populate a Google Analytics tab. Click this tab.
Now you can paste your Google Analytics tracking code into this box. Click save, and you’re currently tracking visits to your site in Google Analytics!
You can go back to Google analytics to see your dashboard.
Join us in the next video to see how to make sense of all this great data inside your Google Analytics control panel.