In this lesson, you will learn how to:
- Why conversion is important to your product pages
- Important elements of your product pages
- Areas where you can make improvements right now

Product Pages are the most important pages of your site. Your Bigcommerce store was designed to sell Products...and sell them we can. When customers reach those product pages we want them to buy. But this will depend on their experience. If we make it easy for them to say, “Yes I need this product”, then you’ve got yourself a new customer.
Having killer product titles, images and descriptions on your Product page will make this a reality.
First thing’s first, we want to focus on those Product titles. Make sure your Product Titles are concise and descriptive. They should sum up your product in less than 70 characters. When customers are ready to buy they’ll be very specific in their searches.
Customers who search for “Polo Shirts” are not ready to buy. They are in research mode. Customers who search for “Keith Hernandez 1985 Cooperstown Throwback “St.
Patty’s Day” Jersey” are ready to run the plastic.
Adding characteristics to your Product Title is very helpful. Some store owners choose to build out separate products for each color of their product, this can help if you think people are searching for those specific colors. But be careful, you don’t want to make so many products that you clog up your category page with the same product in 16 different colors. This is what our Color Swatches are for.
Most importantly we want to use keywords that differentiate this product from its generic form. Make sure you place these important keywords to the front of the Product Title. This should highlight any special patterns or styles of the product.
“Herringbone Organic Arabian Sheep’s Wool Gardening Sweater” is much better than “Wool Sweater for Gardening”. This is not very descriptive and will get lost with all the other wool sweaters on the internet.
Also, avoid putting your Store or Brand name at the front of your Product Titles. You don’t want to waste precious character space on your Brand name. The only exception is: if it is a well known brand, and it can make a difference in click-through rates in the search results, then the brand name is appropriate and should probably be up front in the Title. If this isn’t the case, the keywords should always be first. So get creative, descriptive and “key-wordy” to produce the best Product Titles for your Products.
Now, another area to focus on is your Product Description. This can make or break your sale. You want to write up all the info you can to best describe your product. If an item doesn’t match the description we could lose a customer for a lifetime. The only thing a misleading description creates is ‘Item Returns’, not more buyers. Make sure you’re thorough in your Product description. We recommend using between 250 and 1000 words on each product’s description. Feel free to use bullet points or paragraph form, or mix the two together.
One thing you never want to do is duplicate your Product Description. Even if you get your product from a distributor please don’t just copy whatever they wrote about the product onto your site. This will NOT help your SEO. Make sure you adjust this text to put your own spin on the product’s description. Your description should be laden with descriptive text and keywords. Tell your clients what this product does, what it looks & feels like, why its so durable, where it comes from, how & why it was invented, and anything else you think will help pull in a customer with a specific want. You never know. Chances are you’re not giving any one too much information that it completely turns them off. Just in case, it’s best to put the description below the fold of your page, so it’s not the first thing the customer sees when they land on your product page.
We want them to first see your beautiful product photography, then they can decide to read all the details. Fortunately most of the Bigcommerce themes do exactly this.
Which leads to our last point: Product Images.
This is very important. We’re all visual creatures with short attention spans. If the product image doesn’t look appealing we move on in less than 5 seconds. This doesn’t mean your photographs need to be groundbreaking, they just need to be clean, clear and large enough for all to see. Sometimes your distributor will even provide existing photographs for you, but if you’re selling your own custom goods it’s worth the time, money and effort to produce beautiful photographs for each of your products.
Bigcommerce has tons of resources on creating beautiful product images on the cheap!