In this lesson, you will learn about:
- The power of creating customer groups
- Tips and tricks for segmenting and targeting your client base
- How to create customer groups

A great way to maintain loyal customers is to offer them a sweet deal they can’t refuse.
Don’t think of it as something you owe them, think of your brand as a special club, and only your best customers will reach the highest ranks of the inner circle. Why would your customers shop anywhere else when they feel like a valued member of their own club! They’re invested in this great company you’ve built. Show them you’re grateful, and they’ll continue to support you.
The best way to start your customer loyalty program is to create Customer Groups.
This can be done inside your control panel under the “Customers” tab. Click on Customer Groups. If you don’t have this feature you might have to upgrade your Bigcommerce plan!
Customer Groups allow you to differentiate your customers by putting them into different groups. You can then set certain rules, discounts and privileges to the group.
This is great for limiting what certain customers see on your site, or what discount they receive for being in a certain group. Let me show you how it works.
Let’s first create a Customer Group for our brand new customers and general site visitors. Remember they’ll have to work their way up the ranks. We’ll call this group
“General Customers”. Now, when you’re looking at these group settings, note this first checkbox for “Group Access”. If we uncheck this option we see all the categories for our store. This allows us to hide certain categories from different customer groups by unchecking them. For example I’ll remove this “Wholesale” category from my General Customers Group so they can’t see the Wholesale category when they visit my site.
You would need to apply to become a wholesaler, and get my approval, then I can put you into a “Wholesalers” Customer Group. Below this setting we have an option to add all new customers to this group. It’s probably a good idea for our General Customers group. We can always move customers around in the future.
Once we’ve created the group we need to make sure we set “Customer Group for
Guests” up here at the top. This ensures that all site visitors who are not yet “store customers” will get the same rules as your General Customers. If you don’t set this, and you begin hiding categories from those “General Customers”, well your site visitors will still be able to see those hidden categories, because they’re not yet “Customers” to your store! Remember Customers means someone has created an account on your site, and will be listed under the “Customers” tab inside your control panel.
Now let’s create one of our first Loyalty Groups. Let’s start off simple, by just calling this the “Loyalty Group”. Remember if we need to hide categories from this group we’ll uncheck this first option and select only those categories we’d like our Loyalty Customers to see. Just because their Loyal doesn’t mean they are necessarily Wholesale customers.
And below we see some discount options. This will take some figuring on your part to decide what discount makes sense, but let’s just say if a customer makes 3 purchases they make it into the Loyalty group, and then they all get 10% off everything in your store. To do a storewide discount we can go to that area at the bottom and enter 10, and then change the drop down menu to Percentage Discount. Now any customer in this group will automatically get 10% off their order!
You can also create Customer Groups based on Category. Let’s say you have a “Coffee Lovers” program, you can create that group then give 15% off your “Coffee Mug” category. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to put customers into more than 1 Customer Group.
Some other popular ideas for Customer Groups are VIP groups, Friends and Family groups, and a Social Media Group. You can put your advocates, who are always retweeting and sharing your brand posts, in this group, and offer different discounts than your “Loyalty Group” might receive. You could run a contest that says all my “Social media promoters receive 5% every order. Just share, retweet our store 5 times!”
I guarantee this will get your followers building brand advocacy for you, and...IT’S FREE!
Once you have these groups created you should definitely bundle these customers into Lists within your email marketer. With specific lists you’ll be able to blast out targeted newsletters, promos and content-rich emails that are specific to these customers and their likes. You might not always need to separate your email campaigns to specific groups, but when you do need to split them up, you’re going to be happy you built them in advance.
Just remember this is all part of showing your gratitude to those customers who keep you in business. Run discounts that make sense to your bottom line, but give back to the people and they’ll continuing bragging about your brand and coming back for more.