In this lesson, you will learn about:
- How having Facebook page can positively affect your business
- Create a Facebook page for your business
- How to market your business using Facebook

OK, Facebook. You’ve probably heard of it, but you may not know how effective it can be for your business. Over one billion people use Facebook. And more than 3.2 billion Facebook ‘likes’ and comments occur daily.
By having a strong Facebook presence, your business can be part of these conversations and benefit from the most powerful form of marketing - word of mouth, or in this case, word of “post” marketing.
I’ll teach you how to ignite those recommendations of your business between friends.
Promoting your store on Facebook is easy, just follow these quick steps:
1. Go to
Click the “Create a Page” link on the bottom.
2. Decide which type of Page you’d like to create. Most small to medium businesses will want to choose the first option, “Local Business or Place”.
Fill out your business details and click “Get Started”. It’s good to connect your facebook page to your personal Facebook account by logging in on this next step. If you’re already logged in, you won’t be prompted to login.
You can use your facebook as both yourself and as your business, so don’t worry.
However, if you’re hesitant about mixing your personal life with your business, you should create a new facebook account in order to build a page, however, this will make it more difficult to invite all those friends you’ve been busily building up over the years.
Next fill out the following information to populate your Facebook page. Be thorough and professional in these fields. This is an extension of your business and brand. Use a good description, square logo, and create a facebook vanity URL that is as close to your brand name as possible. Hopefully your name is still available, but if not, get as close as you can to your name or domain name. You will be using this facebook URL to
promote your brand!
And voila! It’s that easy to create a Facebook business page. Let’s get some likes on this bad boy.
Invite everyone you know. Your friends and family want you to succeed — encourage them to like your Facebook page and visit your store. Click here to invite them to like your page, and ask them to share your store with their friends. Let’s make this store go viral! That’s the best thing about social marketing. It’s free, and after a while it markets itself!
But there’s going to be some promotion needed in the beginning, and you should always be posting updates to your Facebook page.
Having a Facebook page does you no good if you’re not posting content that people can like, share and discuss. This is how your page and your brand gets introduced to your friends, and then their friends and then their friends, on and on, until your brand is a Facebook powerhouse. But you must continue to be active on your Facebook business page, or people will find the next store in your industry to follow and like.
You may have heard of the Facebook “Like”. Once people “Like” your page, they are automatically subscribed to your Facebook posts, making it easy to spread marketing messages, sale notifications, coupon codes and any other branded message you wish to share with your fans. It’s always a good idea to share your store’s sales with your followers.
Now that Facebook is heavily integrated with Mobile and Local mediums, we can use our Facebook page as a hub for sharing our store’s must-know information, and get it into more and more hands. Checkout our Local and Mobile lesson to learn some great ways to utilize mobile and local marketing.