In this lesson, you will learn about:
How to know if you need specific functionality for your specific business
- Customize your business and add functionality with our SingleClick App Store
- Suggested apps
- How to install an app

You might ask, “Why would I need any extra add-ons to my Bigcommerce store? Don’t you do it all?” And of course I’d say, “we’re awesome”, but sometimes, don’t you need a little added “umph” to push you over the top? You can build a really fast race car on your own, but you may need the right tires to win the race, or ladies…that dress just isn’t the same without those shoes. Well our apps are the same way. Bigcommerce provides an outstanding platform for your business, but some of our App partners and their tools can provide that extra “edge” when it comes to converting your shoppers into buyers.To use one of our Partners’ applications on your Bigcommerce store is simple. You’ll find your SingleClick Apps Store on the left side of your control panel, here.
One of the best Tools a store owner, and a customer can have, is Live Chat. Live Chat allows customers to ask questions in real time, and get quick, detailed answers from your store’s support team. Even if that “support team” is just you and your dog. We know how it goes.
One of our favorite live chat apps is Olark. Olark is really easy to install. Just drop down the Featured Apps menu and click on Live Chat under the Improve Conversion
section. Click Olark and click on the “I want this app button”.
This brings you to the Olark website. Click the “Get Olark Now” button and enter your details for your store. This page creates your Olark account. The next page provides a “script”. You’ll need to copy this script and paste it into your Bigcommerce control panel. Let’s go back to our SingleClick Apps store, close out of these screens and go to Setup and Tools > Live Chat. Select Olark and click Save. This should give you an Olark tab at the top of your page. Select this tab, choose that you already have an account, and now let’s paste in that script we have copied from Olark, and click Save.
Now, let’s go check out our homepage. We should see a Contact Us!” button on the bottom right. This is where customers can chat us. The catch to this system is that you must be logged in to your Live Chat system on your end to have this enabled for your shoppers. You can do this at or you can install a desktop chat agent on your Windows or Mac operating systems. This is a great way to answer all of your customers’ questions right away, and entice them to buy.
A Social Review app is another powerful tool to help convert shoppers. Social Reviews help customers know what previous buyers think of the products you sell. Some shoppers just need an extra nod of confidence that your products are worth buying. If you believe in your products why not let your customers review them? It might even help you to better stock your inventory. If your customers are hatin’ on a product, then
ditch it. If they absolutely love a product, stock more like it.
A great app for social reviews is Yotpo. Yotpo installs through the SingleClick Apps store by following a few easy steps. Yotpo is a favorite of our clients, because it’s sleek, robust, allows customers to review products they bought right from their email, and best of all, it’s free! By using Yotpo’s social reviews you’ve now added one piece of content to your store, although this content is not indexable by search engines, it’s incredibly useful for shoppers. We see a tremendous uptick in conversion rates when stores install a social review tool on their products.
A third must-have tool is Social Bribery. “Social Bribery” rewards shoppers for sharing your products, or your store, through their social channels. JustUno is a great social bribery app that offers discounts based on social actions. When a shopper lands on your site JustUno will present them with a coupon they can redeem, if they take a certain action. For example, if a shopper comes to your store they might be prompted with a 5% discount off their order if they share your store with their Facebook friends.
It’s a great way to convert shoppers into buyers all while getting your brand in front of hundreds of viewers!
Some in-house tools that help get shoppers buying are Marketing Banners, Coupon Codes and Discount Rules. Marketing Banners are a great way to get a message out whenever people visit your store. A marketing banner allows you to post a special message on the top or bottom of your home page, a category page, a brand page or your search results page. Home Page Banners work great for promoting a storewide discount, sale or campaign that you’re currently running. You might see a home page banner such as “Free Shipping over $99” or “Labor Day Sale - Get 10% OFF Everything!”
Then you have Category specific sales, which can be for particular categories where you have better margins. Get 10% off all Surfing Gear!” These are better run on the specific category pages, and the home page probably wouldn’t hurt either. Some stores use category banners as informational messages about that category and its products.
Coupon codes go hand and hand with Banners as many Banners display Coupon codes for use during checkout. “Use Coupon code FREESHIPPING now through Sunday for Free Shipping!” To create coupon codes we go to Marketing and click on Coupon Codes. Here you create the code and an internal name for the Coupon and then select your discount below. It’s pretty simple and very effective! Create coupon codes on categories or even product specific Coupon codes. Discount Rules are like coupon codes, but they are permanent and don’t require a code. Discount rules are things like Free Shipping over $99, or Buy 1 set of Golf Clubs get a free glove! Discount Rules are very handy for running campaigns when you don’t want to force customers to use Coupon Codes. They are a great way to market deals and sales that will drive traffic and convert shoppers to buyers. There are so many great tools you can use in the Bigcommerce system. Some are great for getting started while others can really help you grow your business down the road.