In this lesson, you will learn about:
- How much revenue you’re losing on abandoned carts
- About our Abandoned Cart Saver
- How to set up Abandoned Cart Saver
- Best practices for a higher ROI

Did you know, on average, about 70% of online orders are abandoned before fully checking out? Yeah. I know you’re working hard to streamline your store and remove every possible obstacle a shopper can come across. We love it, but let’s get real. Even if your site is perfect: the phone is gonna ring, the dog will need to be let out or kids will bust in the front door. All kinds of things WILL happen that WILL distract your customers from actually completing the purchase. Oh, or folks come to your store and just start tossing items in the cart to come back and buy later. That’s a huge trend these days!
We’ve got a solution that can help get those customers back and convert them into buyers. It’s called the Abandoned Cart Saver. Typically our clients see around 15% of their abandoned carts turned into orders with this automated tool. That can add up to a BUNCH in the long run, even when you are just starting out.
Depending on your plan you may already have access to the Abandoned Cart Saver.
If you don’t have this feature, you’ll definitely want to check it out when your business is ready to grow. It’s a stellar tool that will help generate revenue you would have otherwise lost. What business owner doesn’t want that?!
So how does Abandoned Cart work? An abandoned cart happens when someone starts the checkout process and doesn’t finish - at step two actually. Which again, happens around 70% of the time. Once that email address has been collected the abandoned cart saver will automatically email clients and invite them back to make their purchase. You may even include a coupon if you really want to entice someone to buy.
It’s simple and has a great return on investment.
Now, every business is going to be a little different in how they set up their Abandoned Cart Emails. Hop into your control panel and go to Marketing > Abandoned cart Notifications. Again, if you don’t have this feature you’ll need to upgrade your plan when you business is ready to take it to the next level.
You’ll see here that you can add yet another message to the lineup and you have a link to a rad resource that will help you understand the functionality of this feature. I recommend checking it out.
Below, you’ll find the recommended cadence of your emails for abandoned cart. These work really well for clients out of the box. However, you can make changes based on client feedback or research you complete on your target audience. Every business may tweak slightly to accommodate your specific customer base.
Simply click to edit. You’ll have all the controls you need to customize this email. You can see, we’ve helped you out a bunch by providing your some pre-made copy. Simply use the WYSIWYG editor to adjust as needed by adding images, video or whatever you would like to include your brand. Here is a great yet simple example.
You can also add a coupon code you have created by simply selecting it here.
If you would like to shut off the email, you may do so here. Finally, you can set the timing for this email. Again, if you’re a beginner, we’d recommend leaving these settings. Just know you can tweak when you’re ready or have the confidence needed to do so.
Here’s a tactic that you can take or leave but seems to work well for most;

Remind them of what they’ve left behind
Keep your copy on brand. Abandoned Cart emails are a bonus marketing AND conversion opportunity. Don’t slack off. Spend some time crafting copy that reflects your business’s brand

Include a coupon or special offer. This is a debate among online businesses. Take it for a test drive and see if it works for you.

Rinse and Repeat. Feel free to include any or all elements above or try something brand new in this final email reminder. You could perhaps even include a survey.
If you want even more ideas, go ahead and visit your favorite online stores as well as your competitors. Throw some items in your cart and START the checkout process.
Then, wait for some abandoned cart emails to come your way so that you can take a look at their tactics and see what you like as well as what you don’t like so much.
Great! I think that should be plenty to get you started with Abandoned Cart Saver.
Remember, it’s a great tool to help you earn back revenue you would have otherwise lost entirely. The best part is, it’s pretty darn simple! Keep watching Bigcommerce University for more tips just like this to help you sell more!